Transducers depth, speed & temperature

B744V TRIDUCER® Multisensor/CW Thru‑hull

The B744V is a TRIDUCER® Multisensor featuring depth, speed, and temperature in a single housing.

P19 Traditional/CW Tilted Element™ Thru‑hull

The P19 is a single, tilted, 50/200 kHz, dual-frequency element. Tilted Element™ transducers have the element fixed at a 20°, 12° or 0° angle.

ST300 Speed and Temperature Sensor Thru‑hull

The ST300, speed and temperature sensor is low in price and short in size.

ST950 Speed and Temperature Sensor Featuring the Gen2 Paddlewheel

The ST950 out-performs all other paddlewheel sensors for responsive startup and linearity.

UST800 Ultrasonic Smart™ Sensor Thru-hull

Get ultrasonic speed and temperature in a single thru-hull housing with no moving parts.

DX900+ Multilog Smart™ Electromagnetic Speed Sensor Thru‑hull

The DX900+ uses electromagnetic technology to accurately measure dual-axis speed-through-water plus immediately calculate leeway travel.


Plug-and-Play Interface

The U200 Gateway provides the ability to interface with NMEA 2000® devices on a NMEA 2000 bus using a Personal Computer (PC).

Weather Station instruments

200WX-IPX7 WeatherStation® Instrument

The low-power requirement of this patented model make it well suited for battery and solar powered applications. And the IPX7 housing is designed for this harsh and demanding environment.

220WX WeatherStation® Instrument

The patented 220WX is Airmar’s solution for weather-monitoring applications.

150WXRS WeatherStation® Instrument

WeatherStation WXRS is a Rain Sensor with Solar-radiation Shield. It provides real-time information on rain intensity, accumulation, and event duration. For land based applications only.

The App That Maximizes Your AIRMAR Products

The Airmar CAST™ App connects directly from iOS and Android™ Smart devices to Airmar’s Bluetooth® enabled DST810 and DX900+ Smart™ Multisensors and SmartBoat® System modules. Airmar CAST connects using Bluetooth Low Energy to your Airmar product and makes configuration simple with intuitive menus and guided calibration. View data from the sensor or module in digital or graphical format, quickly turn on or off NMEA 2000® PGNs, configure offsets and more.