SeaWire Roudem

SeaWire Roudem

The 4G LTE SeaWire RouDem is a maritime antenna with an integrated modem designed for professional and leisure use. The antenna is designed as the primary internet connection on a vessel or yacht covering crucial data sharing, entertainment, and crew wellbeing.

The auto-rotating directional SeaWire RouDem antenna is a single unit configuration shifting the antenna automatically between operator towers and selects the one with the highest data speed. With a built-in 4400 mAh battery, the device guarantees more than 8 hours of stand-alone operation in the event of a power failure.

Designed for installation above deck on a Ø38mm pole the set includes a PoE adapter for installation below deck. The adapter has an extra port reserved for a LAN connection and is 100 – 240 VAC powered. A 9 – 36VDC PoE adapter is available as an accessory.

The Plug & Play hardware design of the SeaWire RouDem is multi-layered. Unique technical and practical functions guarantee optimal results at the border of 4G mobile network coverage at sea with a range up to 35NM (Note: The reception of a 4G signal at sea is dependent on a number of factors including location of the antenna on shore and on board).

Built in four parts to ensure max performance in a marine environment:

  • Mounting Bracket with a pre-assembled waterproof cable gland and pinole screws for tightening on a Ø38mm pole
  • Bottom part with Micro-SIM slot and Ethernet input
  • Rotating part that directs the antenna to the best transmission tower, converting the 4G signal in the most optimal way through the integrated antenna/modem design
  • Upper part consists of a transparent shell, this to prevent overheating by the sun and to be durable against all weather conditions

All hardware and components are industrial graded and embedded in an hermetically closed IPX6 case.

Specifications and features

Directional antenna: 3 – 10 dBi (800 – 2700 MHz)

Omnidirectional antenna: 3 -4,5 dBi (800 – 2700 MHz)

4G LTE: CAT6, 2 x CA, 2 x 2 MIMO, VoLTE

Max datarate: 300 Mbps

Power in: passive PoE injector 22 – 48 V, max 0,5A

Power supply in: 100 – 240VAC

IPX6 compliant for marine installation

Weight 1800 gram


  • PoE injector 9-36VDC -> 48V
  • Network cable CAT6, UV and water resistant, double shielded, grounded
  • Mounting bracket ∅38mm