Tough+Black solar panels series features the amazing SUNBEAMsystemflat flush cable. With the sleekest footprint on the market and the best support when walking on top of the panel. The latest iteration of the flushed solar panel is a unique design by the market leader in the field.  Allowing for a seamless installation of many solar panels together. With NO exposed wiring or junction boxes.

The incredibly flat connection and only a 1.4mm thick cable do not look like much to the outside world. Despite the looks, the cable carries 2×2.1mm2 pre-tinned copper for the lowest possible resistance.

The Shadow Optimized technology from SUNBEAMsystem is unique. Thanks to the internal division of the panel it will produce more than a panel without the same. This technology improves the output when is partially shaded, allowing for an even higher daily production.


The solution for any high-end yacht

  • TOUGH+BLACK 121w / 86W / 46W LONG
  • SUNPOWER CELL: 24.4%
  • FIXING: 3M Adhesive Included
  • CABLE: Flush Flat Cable 2M Long
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years*
  • SIZE: 106×54cm / 77.8x54cm / 85×27.7cm
  • WEIGHT: 2500g / 1900g / 800g


Designed for adventures

The Fold series has inherited the same sturdy cell cover of the Tough Series. The laminated textile outside combined with the edge-soft and center-stiff core offers an exquisite and functional solar panel.

  • FOLD 124,5W / 62W / 41,5W / 21W
  • SUNPOWER CELL: Sunpower
  • FIXING: Eyelets 4×9 mm
  • CABLE: 0.15m + MC4
  • FOLDED SIZE: 42x29cm / 42×28.5cm / 30x28cm / 30.5x16cm
  • FULL SIZE: 171.5×42cm / 85×42cm / 30×84cm / 30.5×47cm
  • WEIGHT: 2600g / 1300gr / 1000g / 450g

Carbon/Quick FIX

The quick fix attachment system

The Quick Fix system allows for a temporary mounting on canvas or other surfaces. Easy and fast to mount with the stainless steel studs. The Quick Fix system is the ideal solution to mount solar panels on a sprayhood or bimini.

The durable Tough surface and waterproof MC4 connectors offer a long lifespan. While the protected Shadow Optimization technology will ensure an optimal performance whenever a panel is partially shaded.

  • TOUGH+ CARBON 116W / 82W / 55W
  • SUNPOWER CELL: 23.70%
  • FIXING: Eyelets 6x or 4x QuickFix
  • CABLE: 7dm+MC4
  • WARRANTY: 5 Years* 
  • SIZE: 107.8x 55.4cm / 79.6×55.4cm / 56.3×55.4cm
  • WEIGHT: 2800g / 2000g / 1400g