RedPort Halo® Wi-Fi Extender System

The Halo® long-range WiFi extender boosts a weak WiFi signal (up to 12km) and accelerate the connection by a factor 3 to 5 times and routes it through the RedPort Optimizer. With the RedPort Optimizer you can share your Wi-Fi connection with all WiFi-capable devices. Multiple users can connect to the RedPort Optimizer and share the Internet connection seamlessly and fast.

The RedPort Halo system includes:

  • Long-Range WiFi Extender
  • RedPort Optimizer WiFi Hotspot
  • 10m Ethernet Cable
  • Optional Compression/Acceleration Apps
  • Supports 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)

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Halo® Pro S Dual-band Long Range Marine WiFi extender

The Halo® Pro S Dual-band Long Range Marine and RV Wi-Fi Extender System (Halo Pro) can help you connect to both 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks from afar. Halo Pro S features dual-band technology, letting you connect to both common Wi-Fi frequency standards: 2.4 GHz and 5GHz.

The Halo Pro Long Range Marine and RV Wi-Fi Extender System includes:

  • RedPort Optimizer
  • RedPort Halo Pro Wi-Fi Extender
  • Antenna – 22”, 9 dBi, 4W EIRP
  • Stainless Steel 14 TPI 1” Extender Connector Base
  • 110/220V AC Power Adapter with International Power Plug Adapters
  • 32.8 ft (10m) Ethernet Cable
  • Allen Wrench
  • User Documentation
  • Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 and 5GHz)

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RedPort Optimizer Wi-Fi Router and Voice Gateway

The RedPort Optimizer is a satellite WiFi router and voice gateway that lets you get the most out of your satellite data service. The Optimizer broadcasts your satellite data feed via WiFi. The firewall blocks unnecessary data. With compatible satellite broadband terminals*, the Optimizer’s built in PBX lets you make and receive voice calls with all your devices. Best of all, Optimizer is designed to work with XGate and XGate-based services, so you can easily access email, web, weather, and track your location.

*RedPort voice: Iridium Certus; Inmarsat BGAN, Fleet One, FleetBroadband, Fleet Xpress, Global Xpress – RedPort VoIP: Inmarsat BGAN, FleetBroadband, Fleet Xpress, Global Xpress – Inmarsat: BGAN; Fleet One; FleetBroadband; Fleet Xpress – NOTE: Inmarsat has discontinued the data service for IsatPhone Pro; IsatPhone 2Iridium Certus: 9555; 9575 Extreme

Size: 116 x 86 x 25 mm
Weight: 180 gram
Memory: RAM 256 MB | Flash 32 MB | Storage: 2GB
Power: 12V 4A DC
Ethernet LAN: 1
Ethernet WAN: 1
RJ-11 Analog Port: 1
USB: 1
2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11b/g/n
1-14 operating channels

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RedPort Optimizer Premier
Satellite Data, VoIP, WiFi, and GSM With Failover

Optimizer Premier is a VoIP gateway and data router that provides an all-in-one solution for vessels looking to get the most out of all available data connections.

Optimizer Premier automatically selects among available data connections, including long range cellular, WiFi, and all satellite broadband services including VSAT, Inmarsat FleetBroadband. Optimizer Premier also lets users optimize data usage with onboard email and web compression services, and manage access for passengers and crew with an included captive portal

Optimizer Premier features include:

  • Automatically selects among available data connections to choose the lowest cost or preferred available data service
  • Captive Portal to control passenger and crew access via username or PIN codes
  • Router / WiFi hotspot: broadcasts the data connection via Ethernet or WiFi for use with WiFi enabled smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Firewall: a powerful firewall accommodates virtually any common installation scenario with features including block / allow any range of port, IP addresses and protocols.
  • GPS Tracking: works with any GSA Track-based service (including RedPort Tracking), the world’s most widely used satellite GPS tracking service
  • NMEA GPS Repeater: Locally broadcast your GPS location via WiFi for access by any NMEA compliant device
  • Long range WiFi compatibility, with the optional RedPort Halo WiFi system or other compatible third party WiFi systems

The voice capabilities of Optimizer Premier allow for unlimited multi-VoIP (unlimited extensions), conversion from VoIP to circuit-switch, and some of the best compression rates on the planet: 15 minutes of talk time per MB. Because of the PIN-code capabilities of the router, PIN-codes can be created for crew, passengers, work teams, and guests for both data or voice calls.
Unlike traditional satellite airtime plans where only one outgoing call can be made at a time, Optimizer Premier allows for 4 simultaneous outgoing calls over most satellite broadband terminals

With automatic failover configured, Optimizer Premier will automatically switch between available networks to give you the fastest, cheapest connectivity available to you at that time. Users can be connected to long-range WiFi (say at a marina), pull away from shore and failover to GSM, and then finally failover to satellite once completely out of the reach of terrestrial networks.
Optimizer Premier has ports for up to 2 satellite connections, in addition to GSM and long range WiFi, so failover can be configured to balance between two different satellite connections.
Best of all? You can configure load-balancing and least-cost routing between the failover options, so you can always be assured to keep your data usage in check and under control

Optimizer Premier is good for anyone who needs to manage a satellite Internet installation for multiple users. Optimizer Premier is loaded with features and services for all but the most complex installations, including:

  • Captive portal for Multi-User Internet Access
  • PIN-code create for voice and data use
  • Unlimited VoIP Extensions
  • Shared Web Compression
  • RedPort Email for compression email
  • GPS Tracking*
  • NMEA GPS Repeating
  • Powerful routing and firewall options

*When used with a GPS-enabled broadband satellite terminal.
Some services may require a subscription.
Users in a wide range of industries and applications have found Optimizer Premier to be the perfect tool for their satellite broadband Internet connection

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